Born from the unlikely union of Norwegian and Jamaican parentage, AiNA’s foundations were laid in the melting pot that is London. As a child she developed a broad musical palette through her mothers eclectic record collection and spent her formative years under the guidance of concert pianist Ariana Prussner who schooled her in both piano and singing. She has collaborated with producers such as Mark Force (Bugz in the Attic), Ed Robinson (Snoop Dogg), and written/performed on songs licensed to popular TV show Skins (Channel 4).

AiNA developed a passion for electronic music, established in London’s illegal rave scene in the early noughties. Her weekends would see her dancing to a backdrop of derelict warehouses in tucked away industrial complexes. Inspired by sound systems such as ‘Random Sound’ & ‘HeadFf*ck’, her love affair with Drum & Bass, Techno and House took shape.

As a vocalist she has a diverse résumé spanning a number of projects, such as ‘True Ingredients’ (Hip-Hop, Funk), ‘Document One’ (Dubstep) And ‘The Dustaphonics’ (Vintage Rock’n’Roll) which marked a coming of age where her abilities as a solo lead was solidified.

In 2012 ROXX released her Debut EP “Word On The Street”. The record incorporated many of the genres she had experimented with, combining heavy rock riffs with strong soulful vocals, punchy raps and catchy hook lines. The EP was engineered by Francesco Cameli at ‘Sphere Studios’, London and mixed by Adrian Hall (Britney Spears, Slipknot).

Since then AiNA has explored new territories as a music producer, which has led her on a path of studies culminating in a BA at the London College of Music. She is currently developing a new sound and continues to draw influence from a multitude of genres.

In 2014 she joined the Stereo MCs and is currently a touring member of the band. She continues to feature with the True Ingredients who recently signed a deal with BBE, and occasionally appears as a singer at ‘The Box’ nightclub in Soho.

Aina is available for acoustic, full band and DJ bookings.









(Photo: Karen Roberts)

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